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Instead of pouring money into a new computer, consider the following:

We offer the "Priority Care Service" for your older laptops/desktops. This service can vastly improve the performance of your system. In most cases, if we:

Max out your memory

Switch to an SSD, or M.2 for your boot drive

Provide a complete Priority Care Service

Your system will perform at a level that you will be completely satisfied with, and you will save money because you no longer have to upgrade your computer. We install the memory, SSD, and clone your existing hard drive. We can assist you with choosing the correct SSD size.

For new computers, we will clear all of the "bloatware" off so your new computer can operate at its peak level of efficiency. Click on bloatware for a complete breakdown of what it does to your new computer's performance.

If you are just determined to buy a new computer, to get the ultimate performance, you can max out the memory on it, and install an SSD if it does not already have one. This will give you the best performance you can get out of your computer.

Here are the options:

Upgrading your existing computer:

Priority Care Service, plus installation of your new SSD and memory if you decide to max it out. This would save you money over the cost of buying a new computer, and you would have comparable performance. More often than not, this service will be enough to extend the life of your current computer much longer.

Purchasing a new computer:

Priority Care Service. This will suffice under most conditions, but if you want the maximum performance we will install your new SSD, (if it does not have one already), and memory if you decide to max it out.

Contact us for additional information.

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