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Services we provide

We offer a wide range of computer repairs to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our Technicians are all CompTIA A+ Certified. Some of our most popular services are shown below. Please call or email for more information on services, current promotions, and custom build options. Please be advised that each service requires you to have a diagnostic done on the machine. We do this because even though you may feel you know what is wrong with your machine, there could be a number of other things you are not aware of. The cost will be waived if the total cost of the repair exceeds $100. If for any reason you do not choose to repair the machine, all you owe is the cost of diagnostic.

Virus Removal

Our virus removal service is very affordable, and we also provide free tools after the cleansing to help fight off any future reinfections. Viruses can be difficult to remove, and if not done correctly, can open the door for the virus to come back, or even cause other infections which can ultimately cause your system to crash. Many viruses mask themselves by pretending to be anti-virus software. If you notice anything out of the ordinary it is best to have us check your system.

Data Recovery

Did your hard drive suddenly stop working? Did you lose access to your files? Do you have an emergency and your computer can't boot? You may need to have your data recovered. It is important to note that we can not guarantee 100% recovery because that will depend on how extensive the damage is.

System Recovery

If your computer is running slow, or you have an extensive amount of individual issues you may want to consider a system restore. For this service you will also need to do a data backup yourself, or choose our file data backup service along with this. Utilizing the recovery partition on your hard drive, this service will restore your computer back to the condition it was in when you first turned it on. You should understand that if you have upgraded your Operating System, or any software this service will restore your computer to the state it was in when you originally purchased it.

Data Backup

Our Data Backup ranges from backing up specific files to backing up entire hard drives. You must provide another hard drive, flash drive, etc. for the files to be backed up on. There is generally a quick turnaround for this service, but it will depend on the overall health of the device we are creating the backup from. Contact us for details.

Computer Hardware Installation

We offer installation service for hardware, and it covers any memory upgrades, video upgrades, Optical Drive installations, and ore. For CPU upgrades, and other more advanced installations this may be considered a build depending on the extent of work required. Contact us for details.

Operating System Installation

This includes the installation, updating all drivers, making sure you have all of the required updates., We will also install up to two of the programs you already have. If you require additional programs to be installed, or any specialized programs please contact us for the details. We will make sure all of your programs have the latest updates, and are fully optimized to run on your system. (If the program is compatible with your new OS) You also have the option to have us create recovery discs for an additional fee. 

Laptop Screen Repair

This service is a flat fee, plus the cost of the screen itself. You pay the fee then we will get the price of the screen.  Before any repairs are done you either agree or disagree with the quote. If you choose not to do the work, you pay the diagnostic fee.

Custom Builds

We build custom PCs for all budgets. You must contact us, or fill out this form below to order a custom unit. From a basic PC to a PC to run your studio, or edit photos/video, we will build you a machine that you will always cherish. It is better to have a PC built to suit your specific needs. Many of the manufacturers load new computers with "bloatware", or programs that you do not even need to have or will never even use. That takes up valuable space on your hard drive. When we build a computer for a customer, we walk you through every step and explain how your new computer will work to provide you with hours of efficient use. By the time you receive your new computer, you will understand why building a computer is better than buying one. The overall cost will vary depending on the components purchased for the build.

A small list of our services:

Data restoration - Restores data that may have been lost, or accidentally deleted.

Password Removal - If you forgot your password, we can remove it so you can reset it.

Data backup - We make backups of your files, photos, videos, etc.

System Optimization - Vastly improve the functionality of the computer. It will start faster, and operate faster.

Hardware installation/upgrade - Hard drives, memory, etc.

OS installation/upgrade - Windows, Linux, MAC, etc..

Virus/spyware removal - Thorough removal of viruses, malware/spyware, etc.+

Laptop LCD screen replacement - Complete replacement of screen + screen cost.

Network setup including peripherals - Setup wired/wireless network, plus connect two peripherals. Contact us for details.

Computer setup and data transfer/backup - Set up your new computer, and transfer data from your old one.

Contact us with any questions about services not listed. 

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