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Custom build checklist

On this page you can choose components to have your "dream machine" built. In many cases you may prefer the custom look of a system tailored to your specific needs and wants. These systems may be better for you because they do not contain any "bloatware", and only have the software that you choose. If you are curious about the concept of owning a custom tailored computer just fill out the form below, and one of our technicians will get back to you with a quote. Fields marked with an (*) are mandatory. If you are unsure, and just want us to build you a system based on what you will be using it for, click here.

Please describe what you will be using the computer for. *

Which Operating System do you prefer?

What type of computer case would you like?

Select an option

Do you know which motherboard you want?

Which graphics card do you want?

How much memory do you want? (This may vary depending on what you use the computer for)

Select an option

Which SSD boot drive do you want?

What size storage drive would you like?

Select an option

If you have any special storage requests not listed, type it in the field.

Do you need any additional peripherals with your computer? Be specific. (printers, speakers, etc.)

What size, and brand of monitor do you prefer?

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